Director, Content Strategy


Role Description:

You are a builder. The thought of designing and growing a department thrills you. Content is your passion and your expertise, and you’re looking for a place to leave your mark. You’re someone who understands the technical aspects of Content, but also knows the importance of engaging with your audience. Are we describing you? If so, we’ve got a job for you.

We’re looking for someone to own and lead Content at TDH – and build on the agency’s solid Content foundation. An expert who will help our largest client build a library of content worthy of… well, a library. You will have a seat at an important table and serve as a key member of our strategy and creative teams.

Beyond client work, we want a candidate who desires to build a formidable agency. A caliber of Craft that Chicago hasn’t seen in a long time.

Are you brilliant, hungry, business-minded, relationship-focused, terminally curious, a lover of people, storytelling and Craft? Are you senior enough to lead and savvy enough to know when to follow? If so, let us know. For more details, keep reading.

Key Responsibilities:

The Director, Content Strategy will be responsible for managing multiple clients, new business and internal projects, and is expected to collaborate with TDH’s, Creative, Account, and Digital/Social teams.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Own Content strategy, creation, relationship management and distribution for TDH’s largest client
  • Lead a high-level, long-term Content strategy that ladders to the brand’s overall communication objectives and business goals.
  • Work closely with the client’s extended team to identify branded and non-branded Content opportunities. You’ll be on the search for compelling stories that can be told through film and/or articles. This requires on-going relationship building.
  • Identify Content needs and opportunities by channel and adjust creative accordingly.
  • Lead or manage Content creation and distribution for a cross-discipline team within TDH and client’s partner agencies.
  • Build upon the existing library of spectacular Content we’ve created.
  • Comprehend and translate Content performance data analytics for clients and TDH team.
  • You are the keeper of the details, manager of the Content calendar, deadlines and budgets – continuously pushing things forward.
  • Own Content strategy, creation and distribution for several additional TDH clients
  • Help us put our best Content and Social Media foot forward
  • We are often so busy and focused on our clients that we sometimes forget about our own needs. You’re here to help us continue to keep our brand ahead of the curve from a Content perspective.
  • Contribute to TDH’s growth – organically and through new business


  • Kindness. You need to care a lot and have a gentle touch. You will be gathering stories directly from our clients’ customers – some of whom require a soft approach and patience.
  • You must be confident, articulate and have killer instincts regarding human behavior, business strategy and general marketing theory.
  • A love of journalism and storytelling is at the center of what you do. You craft stories that connect hearts and minds. You have excellent writing skills.
  • Comfortable working with and directing an in-house film team.
  • You are an expert in the ins and outs of the technical aspects of Content, distribution platforms and SEO.
  • You are self-directed and independent. You should be able to advance projects with minimal supervision. TDH is a tribe of “doers.” Each of us jump in when and wherever we’re needed, regardless of title or seniority.
  • You should have a passion for creativity, culture, understanding how people think and interact with brands.
  • You’ll be able to lead social media conversations and execute as necessary.
  • You should have 7-10 years of relevant Content experience. Prefer a candidate who has worked in an agency environment.

About Tom, Dick & Harry Creative:

It started with a crisis. A Craft crisis.

TDH founding partners saw large agencies underserving large clients with junior talent who were largely learning on the job. And they saw small agencies underserving small clients with past-their-prime talent who had largely stopped caring about the job.

Refusing to be trapped, the founders watched the classic movie The Great Escape and decided to tunnel out. The three tunnels in the movie, code-named “Tom, “Dick” and “Harry,” became Chicago’s newest agency moniker with a singular mission - to keep Craft Communications alive.

What is Craft? Craft is the great maximizer. Budgets, no matter the size, last longer and work harder when their brand is well-crafted and finds the best version of itself. At Tom, Dick & Harry Creative Co., our mission and our sole focus is to help clients craft their brands’ messaging so perfectly that they have the power to defy logic, overcome obstacles and win hearts.

20 years later, Tom Dick & Harry Creative Co.’s craft crusade is stronger than ever. We still believe that good ideas are not born, they are crafted. They are shaped and reshaped until they function properly. They require clients who know enough to care about the difference between good and bad, and they require creative craftspeople who care enough to know those who consume brands deserve the best.

Some of the clients for whom we “craft” include: American Metal Craft, CDK Global, CrescoLabs, Devon Bank, Kimball Int’l, Mission Investment Fund of the ELCA, National Louis University, The AbilityLab, The Joint Commission, Vi, Wahl, Whiskey Acres.

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