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About Tom, Dick & Harry Creative:

It started with a crisis. A Craft crisis.

TDH founding partners saw large agencies underserving large clients with junior talent who were largely learning on the job. And they saw small agencies underserving small clients with past-their-prime talent who had largely stopped caring about the job.

Refusing to be trapped, the founders watched the classic movie The Great Escape and decided to tunnel out. The three tunnels in the movie, code-named “Tom, “Dick” and “Harry,” became Chicago’s newest agency moniker with a singular mission - to keep Craft Communications alive.

What is Craft? Craft is the great maximizer. Budgets, no matter the size, last longer and work harder when their brand is well-crafted and finds the best version of itself. At Tom, Dick & Harry Creative Co., our mission and our sole focus is to help clients craft their brands’ messaging so perfectly that they have the power to defy logic, overcome obstacles and win hearts.

20 years later, Tom Dick & Harry Creative Co.’s craft crusade is stronger than ever. We still believe that good ideas are not born, they are crafted. They are shaped and reshaped until they function properly. They require clients who know enough to care about the difference between good and bad, and they require creative craftspeople who care enough to know those who consume brands deserve the best.

Some of the clients for whom we “craft” include: Coleman Powersports, CDK Global, Devon Bank, Mission Investment Fund of the ELCA, National Louis University, The AbilityLab, The Joint Commission, Vi Senior Living, Wahl, Whiskey Acres.

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